Florea Home is a Colombian company that designs, produces and markets its products independently. We take care of every detail in our products taking into account sustainability and always wanting them to be a special part of your home, transmitting unique values ​​such as calm, tranquility and love. We take care that all our products have natural materials and can be reprogrammed so that they are always available.

We love that you can have several products and that you integrate them into your home in special moments of your daily life. All our product categories are designed for your comfort, so that you can integrate them harmonizing your spaces in a coherent and natural way.

Our image is always natural and sophisticated and each of our products is made by Colombian hands with love.

All our products are exclusive designs that we want to have with affordable prices at your fingertips.

In our online store you can find details of each product and if you have questions you can contact us directly through our WhatsApp line or email contacto@floreahome.com

When making a purchase in our online store, through WhatsApp or Instagram, our brand undertakes to send you the products in the shortest possible time and in perfect condition.


Before making any return you must send an email to info@floreahome.com where you explain to us what is the cause of the return.

We will respond to you in the shortest possible time and we will give you the instructions to make the return.

The shipping cost must be borne by your account and must be paid before the product is sent to the address that we indicate.

Although our products are developed manually and in small quantities, we are always attentive to their quality and we strive so that visually they look of excellent quality and that they reach their destination in the best way.

It is important that you know that we always verify our products before making any shipment.

We only receive returns of products that have a notorious damage or breakdown in their composition. Broken containers (candles), unstitched or stains on fabrics (blankets, cushions and aprons), detached or broken parts (pictures).

After receiving your return, we will review what the detail was, we will do everything possible to solve the problem or change the product and send it to you again. It is important to us that you are satisfied with your products.